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assault weapons, president obama can't do that himself. guns are portable. this is very much a state issue. mayor bloomberg points this out all the time. new york and andrew cuomo can pass all the laws they want, but as long as guns are so easy to get in north carolina and virginia, which they are, they will come up here and they will use these guns in crimes. unless the states regulate it, you will not have -- >> to that point, one of the programs in the bush administration, project x-files. they prosecuted under federal laws state violations because they were also violations of federal law what do they do? they ended up locking up local criminals in federal courts to get them off the streets and the carry rate diminished by 50%, there are things they can do now that would help gun control efforts that don't require passage of congress. >> it doesn't have to be either/or. if we conceded all that, we could say 40% of the guns are not bought by the shows, even all the best enforcement of the current laws wouldn't solve that problem. i think the most important meeting tomorrow is not the nra
confiscating guns from citizens in his state. here is vice-president biden telling reporters that the obama administration is preparing for unilateral action on gun-control . >> going to act. executive order, executive action can be taken. we have not decided yet, but we are compilingwith the help of the attorney-general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. lou: at the state level, new york governor andrew cuomo proposing what he calls the toughest assault weapon ban the nation. thdemocratic governor suggesting that the state government has the power to seize guns. infuriating gun owners and gun rights advocates when he suggested that confiscation could be an option. the assault on the constitution certainly not limited to the second amendment. congressional democrats are now urging the white house to act unilaterally on the debt ceiling as well. twenty-one democrats led by congressman peter welch said in a letter that they fully support any use of presidential authority, including interpreting the 14th amendment to support presidenti
and the military and the united states and the obama white house and distrust that really occurred early on based on kind of the politics of the operation. i'm not -- i don't want to misquote you. but you basically talked about -- where are my notes -- the distrust, the decision making process on afghanistan, that's what the distrust was based on, the decision making process. what does that mean? >> the term i used was lack of trust and a trust deficit. the reason i used those was because i consider that a little different from mistrust. whenever you've got a new organization, a new administration, any new administration, it's a team that has to come together, it's got to build links among itself, it's got to build trust overtime. it comes in and works with the department of defense and military and it takes time to build a team and build trust. >> you can build trust pretty quickly if you feel the other side isn't double dealing or double talking or leaking stuff out of the other side of their mouth to reporters. did you think the political apparatus understood -- >> i don't think you can build
write about the trust between the military and the united states and the obama white house. and the distrust based on where it occurred early on, based on kind of the politics of the operation. i don't want to misquote you, but basically you talked about -- look at my notes. the distrust, the decision-making process again, on afghanistan. that is where the distrust was, the decision-making process. it was that, you don't go into too much detail on what that actually means, what does that mean? >> well, the term i used was lack of trust and a trust deficit. and the reason i used those was because i consider those a little different from mistrust, whenever you have a new organization, a new administration, any new administration it is a team that has to come together. it has to build links among itself and build trust over time. it comes in, and works with the department of defense and military. it takes time to build a team. it takes time to build trust. >> but you can build trust quickly if you feel the other person has your back and is not double-dealing or talking out of
the military and the united states and the obama white house and the distrust that it hurt early on based on the politics of the operation. i'm not -- i don't want to misquote you. you talked about um, where are my notes the decision making process on afghanistan that is what the distrust was based on. was that, you don't go into too much detail? what does that mean? >> the term i used was lack of trust and trust deficit. i consider that different from mistrust. when you have a new administration, sit a team that has to come together and build links among itself and build trust over time. it comes in and works. it takes time to build a team and time to build trust. >> but you can build trust quickly if you feel the person isn't talking out the side of their mouth and leaking stuff to reporters. did you feel that the political apparatus understood the military? >> i'm not sure you can build trust as quickly as you say. i think you build trust when you speak the same language. it takes a while to grow together. look at president abraham lincoln. it took him quite a while to grow as commande
with defense secretary and secretary of state hillary clinton. tomorrow he's scheduled to meet with president obama. >>> well there is a war of sorts between virginia and maryland over just where that new fbi headquarters should be located. as peggy fox reports today, northern virginia brought out the big guns, some federal state and local leaders all who want to bring the agency to the old dominion. >> reporter: it's rare to see a diverse group like this in one place saying the same thing. >> we all worked together on this, we are a team. >> reporter: there was liberal democrat jim moran and republicans. even though that they all have sites they want the fbi to consider as it looks to leave its crumbling old headquarters downtown, virginia's elected leaders are lobbying as a united front. >> the nexus of homeland security, defense related, intelligence related and law enforcement related facilities in virginia are unrivaled in the nation. we believe that the fbi could not find a better location. >> they have chosen the warehouse site in springfield near the old mall being developed. it is ne
was appointed by president obama a little more than two years ago to be united states attorney and it is my incredible honor to represent the president, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to speak with you about it. the origin is that as the united states attorney, the administration wants me, wants all the united states attorneys, to go out into the community. it's actually a very different role for the united states attorney is envisioned by this administration. this administration, the president, attorney general holder, they want the u.s. attorneys to go out into the attorney to talk to the communities in our district to understand what the issues are
the nomination. they are okay with president obama but hope she will leave the state department rest up and come back. >> andrea: it's a one man glass ceiling. but i don't think president obama did anything wrong. he has valerie jarret as trusted advisor. he wanted to nominate susan rice. i won't beat him up on this. he hates women, trying to take away the -- he said that romney caused cancer in one woman. the attacks were absurd. >> bob: there are 3,500 political appointees in the administration. in that neighborhood. i would bet you, i asked them for this but i didn't get an answer because i'm last in line to get answers. i bet there are more women appointees than any other administration. >> kimberly: talk about this. can i get a full screen up. women in the cabinet. look at this. obama, nine through his first term. george w. bush, ten. clinton, 17. oh, clinton is the winner again. >> andrea: why does it matter like eric said, it's about who is qualified. >> eric: that is unfair. put the full screen back up. put the full screen back up. nine through the first term. so if he, if valerie jarret
know, i actually had the opportunity to meet president obama when he was a state senator, i think it was late 2003, early 2004. first time i heard him speak. at that time, he said something that stayed with me. he said the democratic party needed to establish its core principl principles, stop reacting to the other guy and i think he has an opportunity, now, this term, to really lead from that perspective, you know, to really define, you know, who we are not just for the sake of the democratic party, but to define who we are for the sake of the country, but, relative to core values that i think the american people approved of last november. so i think, you know, it's obviously an incredible y volate time. he has the real opportunity to show skillful leadership at critical times and i think put his capacity as a communicatcom to work, to really do what i think he really expected to be able to do at the start, and that's to be able to unify the country. but that's the challenge before him. >> allen, let me talk to you about characters in movies, the character of life. why do you lik
as a wall street pick per se. he came back into government to manage the state department's international economic policy portfolio early in the obama ad minute. that was senate confirmation. named budget director making him a key negotiator during the 2010 debt talks. that left some republican was the sour tath about jack lew. in his book, bob woodward quotes saying brett loper in particular, found lew obnoxious. the budget director was doing 75% of the talking, lecturing everyone. not only about what obama's policy was but also why it was superior to the republicans'. barry jackson, former chief of staff, found lew's tone disrespectful and dismissive. lew is not likely to get any serious opposition. few senate republicans like jeff sessions aren't exactly saying celebratory things. according to fox news sessions has a prepared statement out that says, quote, jack lew must never be secretary of treasury. his testimony before the senate budget committee less than two years ago was so outrageous and false that it alone disqualifies him. jeff sessions is sort of alone on that front. one mor
it is not going to be over ridden by the president of the united states. it should be challenged successfully. >>> president obama put together a team to figure out what the president can do to prevent gunmen from carrying out mass murder. biden has been given to the end of this month as a deadline to make his recommendations today as part of the efforts include mra and wal-mart. >>> peter doocy live in washington. thank you. >>> it is time for stories you can bank on this morning and joining me is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. let's talk about zach lew nom nae for treasury secretary. he needs to go back to the second grade to fix his penmanship. he is expected to be nominated as treasury secretary. let's take a look at his signature. 8 loops for each of letters of his name. that would be on dollar bills below the seal of the treasury on the right side. take a look at timothy geithner. he had to do to to print. it went from the first one to the second one. the second one much clearer. we have to see if mr. lew will have to do his as well. >> aig has been in the news a lot th
forcing deep cuts to all state services during the last budget cycle. >> right now in washington, president obama has officially nominated jack lew for treasury secretary. that announcement was made last than half an hour ago. he is if line to replace geithner. last year, he was chosen to be the president's chief of staff and has a reputation as a tough marketers. republicans claim he is few unyielding in past fiscal negotiations but he will unlawful be nominated for secretary of penmanship. can you read that signature? can you read that signature? it will be appearing on all u.s. money if he is confirmed and he will try to improve his handwriting. >> can we forge that? same reason i could never be treasury secretary, either. >> that was interesting. glad he doesn't write prescriptions. now, going outside, you can see the clouds are out there. i will keep the showers in the forecast going today and the cold air comes in tonight with the showers and that is the lingering legacy of the storm system and a chance of showers during the 49ers and packers playoff game. i will give you a
voter-approved tax increases and austerity measures forcing deep cuts to all state services during the last budget cycle. >> right now in washington, president obama has officially nominated jack lew for treasury secretary. that announcement was made last than half an hour ago. he is if line to replace geithner. last year, he was chosen to be the president's chief of staff and has a reputation as a tough marketers. republicans claim he is few unyielding in past fiscal negotiations but he will unlawful be nominated for secretary of penmanship. can you read that signature? can you read that signature? it will be appearing on all u.s. money if he is confirmed and he will try to improve his handwriting. >> can we forge that? same reason i could never be treasury secretary, either. >> that was interesting. glad he doesn't write prescriptions. now, going outside, you can see the clouds are out there. i will keep the showers in the forecast going today and the cold air comes in tonight with the showers and that is the lingering legacy of the storm system and a chance of showers during the
week for the afghan head of state. tonight he meets with secretary of state hillary clinton before meeting with president obama tomorrow. >>> and in about 30 meant, vice president joe biden will host gun rights' owners and advocates as part of his gun control task force. the nra has other gun owner groups and sportsmen all headed to the white house. >>> walmart, the nation's largest gun retailer will attend a separate hearing with attorney joan eric holder. yesterday the task force met with victims groups and gun control supporters who say that they were encouraged by the conversation the task force is expected to make its recommendations in about a month. >>> new this morning, a major announcement about the presidential cabinet. this afternoon, president obama will nominate jack lew secede timothy geithner as secretary. he's currently the white house chief of staff and budget director. he will be nominated at 1:30 this afternoon and we'll stream it live on don't miss it. >>> talk about funny money, cash may look loopy if lew is confirmed. doesn't this look like
every single obama nominee until the pentagon agreed to a contract in alabama shelby's home state to one of the largest contributors to shelby's campaign. >> jennifer: of course. will the it address this issue of the buying of filibusters by lobbyists, is that something that could be fixed? >> we don't know what the end package will look like. but the outline that has been proposed by udall will provide accountability. if a senator like senator shelby wants to block a special interest then they have to go to the floor and make their case. that will call for accountability. >> jennifer: so a piece of paper cannot make your case for you. you've got to do what jimmy stewart in "mr. smith goes to washington" did. stand on the floor and make the case. however, that has been opposed by the group of carl levin and john mccain. >> there are a lot of competing interests here, and some folks for the compromise where instead just some nominees could be blocked, but each senator could have unlimited abilities to filibuster a nominee. again, with the republicans in the minority, they don't want to se
the kind of campaign rhetoric, the obama administration has taken few steps to rein in the program intended to target terrorists. the president has insisted that drones have been used only to prevent an operational plot against the united states. yet as the guardian reports, america's use of drones has soared during obama's time in office, with the white house authorizing attacks in at least four countries -- afghanistan, pakistan, yemen and somalia. it's estimated that the cia and the united states military have undertaken more than three hundred drone strikes and killed about 2500 people. it's clear we have yet to understand the full impact of the country's drone war. one former obama security adviser calls the use of drone counterproductive. use of drones counterproductive, that is. and retired general stanley mcchrystal who championed use of drones in afghanistan is now advising caution. he says what scares me about the drone strikes is how they are perceived around the world. the resentment created by the use of american unmanned strikes is much greater than the average american antici
's an attempt to murder an alleged organized crime leader. sources tell cbs news that president obama is expected to plush a plan to reduce gun violence and will push it in the state of the union address. >> meanwhile they go into enemy territory today meeting with task forbes on the issue. the vice president is leading the push for new gun restrictions. bill, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, vice president buyten meats with sportsman and later today with the nra but he said the president could make these change bice executive order, although it's really not that much he can do. but he did give hope yesterday to supporters that change is coming. >> we're here today to deal with a immediate action urgent action. >> the vice president was determined saying administration will act to reduce gun violence and point together new tragedy as a game-changer. >> it is awakened by violence in the country. >> we just came out of what we thought was a very productive and actually inspiring meeting. >> reporter: after the meeting gun supporters spoke for high
until the end of the month but will present recommendation to president tuesday. as obama's second term gets underway. that he are expected to have background check without exception. >> universal background chec checks. not just close the gun show loophole but universal background check including private sales. >> swing state of virginia with the history of depending the second amendment. both sides have popular suggestions. 92% favor closing the loophole. 66% propose the armed officers in school. biden is promoting other restrictions, too. >> i never heard so much about the need to do something about the high capacity magazines, as i heard spontaneous from every group we met with so far. >> the vice president met with the gun rights groups including the nra which opposing anything that diminishing second amendment rights and have seen the membership grow by 100,000 since the newtown, connecticut, ram pain and the president's promise to respond aggressively. >> after meeting with the vice president, the nra complained that the focus was not so much about protecting kids but attacking t
subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. >> in just 11 days, barack obama will be sworn in to his second term as president of the united states. >> we have another look at the thousands and thousands of hours spent on preparing for the festivities. >> in washington, it is called the super bowl a politics. thousands of people participating in the festivities that span about four days. employees at the ritz-carlton in washington, d.c. are not leaving room for wrinkle in their inauguration plants. guests will receive an inaugural pillowcase along with other inaugural goodies. pastry chefs will be handing out michelle obama's famous cookie's. >> it is america's greatest party. >> the hotel manager expects to be sold a out by inauguration. >> you know, we are excited. >> i, barack hussain obama -- >> president obama's last inauguration drew a record crowd. this year, officials expect a record attendance for a second inauguration, which tends to be smaller. >> a lot of the final planning takes place after the election. think about planning a wedding in three mont
killer since october. >>> president obama will probably spell out some of his ideas to reduce gun violence by next week. we're hearing he'll use his state of the union address next month to push his plan. reporter major garrett has learned some of what the president is planning to propose. >> reporter: the president wants congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. vice president biden has devoted this week to hearing from all sides, including the nra, tomorrow. >> we're here today to do -- urgent action, and the president and i are determined to take action. >> reporter: he met today with victims of gun violence and gun- control advocates and said the political climate will never be the same after the newtown massacre. >> of all the tragic events we've endured, i don't think anything touches the heart of the american people so profoundly as those young children being riddled with bullets. >> reporter: the white house is also looking at ways to encourage gun owners to use and store their firearms more safely. it is rev
, jack lew's old boss at the state department, said, what is barack obama going to do with a 3:00 a.m. phone call? and barack obama has been counting and did count in the 2012 election on his record answering that question and jack lew will ultimate sli to do the same thing. >> you know what, bob pisani, i'm hearing that everybody seems to forget right now, that europe is still a mess. we still have issues with europe and if the financial system in europe blows up, jack lew will have to have the confidence of the u.s. and the world financial markets in order to insulate the united states in case something like that happens. and a lot of people down the here are not sure because he doesn't have the market's experience that a timothy geithner has. >> that's a major problem. remember, he will have to negotiate with china and with the world bank. he will have high level discussions and finish dodd-frank and finish the baz el three. those are all really important issues. and his lack of experience is an issue down here. i know people that would have, for example, supported robert. he is
with her potentially going to state. i cannot figure it out with jack lew. do you have any sense of what their substantive beef with him is? >> besides the fact that he seems to have some association with this obama guy? >> been seen with him. >> right. that's half. i think what it is, the indications that i've seen are they see he is too good of a negotiator. they felt he was too shrewd of a negotiator. he was handling negotiations. he was in there in all the negotiations for the debt ceiling showdown in 2011. john boehner did not like him. >> john boehner said he had a hard time getting to yes. he couldn't persuade jack lew to tell him what he wanted. >> he knows the federal budget. he can do the calculations faster than anybody. i can just imagine what some of these sessions must have been like with him in there. and when you removed him from the room, yeah, i imagine boehner felt he had a lot more latitude at that point. but of course anything that emerged from the room obama is going to run by him anyway. i think he really frustrated whether it was boehner or mcconnell, a lot of the
on tackling gun violence in the united states. in a welcome message to his guests, biden vowed president obama would take meaningful action through executive order if need be. >> we are here today to deal with the problem that requires immediate action, urgent action. the president and i are determined to take action. this is not an exercise in a photo opportunity just ask you what your opinions are. we're reaching out to all parties on whatever side of this debate you fall. but the president is going to act. there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. we have not decided what that is yet, that we are compiling it with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> vice president said to me today with representatives of the national rifle association as well as gun retailers, including walmart. new york governor andrew cuomo has unveiled what he's billed as the toughest gun control legislation in the country in the aftermath of last month's newtown massacre in neighboring connecticut. in an impas
of state clinton. wednesday he met with lawmakers on capitol hill and tomorrow he will meet with president obama to discuss the size of the future u.s. troop presence in his country. >> in the wake of hurricane sandy, u.s. senator benjamin cardin will visit maryland today. part d will tour areas impacted by sandy. he will also visit disaster recovery centers to see how recovery efforts are proceeding. last month president obama declared somerset county a major disaster area. 600 homes were impacted their by the storm along with 50 businesses. >> as sandy cleanup continues some good news to report. so far, none of the sites tested by the occupational safety and health administration have contaminants above permissible levels. crews are still working to remove debris, sand, and trees. >> that means they will be able to rebuild right? >> you would think it would mean a faster process. but they have to wait awhile. >> make sure they are safe. so the process continues. >> it could take years. >> around here, we're looking at calm conditions for today. starting out this morning with temperatures
talking about u.s. presence in his country. he will meet with secretary of state clinton later today and president obama tomorrow. >> jerry sandusky back in court today hoping to get his child sex abuse conviction overturned. his attorneys are agoing the court did not give them enough time to prepare for trial. the judge will rule on the appeal at a later date. >>> tomorrow, we'll know if the man accused of a mass shooting inside an aurora colorado movie theater will go on trial. james holmes preliminary hearing ended wednesday, two days earlier than expected. the defense called no witnesses. prosecutors showed several photos taken from his home, including self-portraits and images taken from inside the cinema several weeks before 12 people were killed. casey wian is outside the courtroom in centennial, colorado, with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. earlier, you used the word creepy to describe cell phone photos taken by james holmes that were taken yesterday. that is the exact appropriate way to describe them. the first four photos were somewhat inobjecting cue
and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. >>> at the heart of barack obama's presidency is a commitment to civil rights. he always represented the ideas of justice, equality and opportunity. and he never forgot where he came from. remember senator obama's famous speech in selma? >> but something is stirring across the country because of what happened in selma, alabama because some folks are willing to march across the bridge. don't tell me i'm not coming home when i come to selma, alabama. i'm here because somebody marched for our freedom. i'm here because your sacrifice for me. i stand on the shoulders of giants. >> one of the giants he's talking about was dr. martin luther king, jr. and today, we'll learn about a powerful tribute the president has that the world will see. stay with us. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't le
i rather be in dc as the chancellor? absolutely. >> barack obama is projected to be the next president of the united states. >> they thought success would breed success. >> their leadership told the members, "no, just say no." >> he was in a position to make demands, and he didn't. >> he's the first nobel peace prize winner with a kill list. >> now he gets another chance to be the guy who united the country. >> frontline takes you inside obama's presidency. >> go to for a closer look at the landscape f education reform in america. read adell cothorne's federal whistleblower suit and yesterday's announcement y the us department of education that it did not identify widespread cheating in respone to her complaint. and connect to the frontline community on facebook and twitter or tell us what you think at >> frontlinis made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation
. >>> new at 6, phil mendelson and council member mary shay will state their case about presidential license plates tomorrow. they were invited by the white house to meet in the west ring. the city council president wants to urge president obama to use taxation without representation license plates on the vehicles. the city puts the phrase on the license plates and has since 2,000 to call attention to the lack of voting members in congress. and some news about the flu outbreak. 41 states now, including maryland and virginia, dealing with a widespread outbreak and that is not severe. he will try to make sure the well-stocked. >> we will make sure everyone who wants and needs one has an opportunity to get it and we hope the space replannish quickly. >> the flu has hit earlier this year and usually peaks in january or february and can still sicken people late as may. >>> coming up on the news edge, bin laden photos, should thy be released. a judge's sharp response to publicly showing the images of the murdered terror leader. and why a minister was shot from giving a bless at the president's sec
rolling on what america's future in afghanistan is going to be. president obama had strong words in the interview, particularly to the united states. i think he's being realistic in the fact that america may not have much of a presence after 2014. and he's trying to get his ducks in a row for afghanistan's future. although president karzai, if you think about it, there's going to be another election in 2014. he's not going to be the president of afghanistan. right now, what he's focusing on is helping his own legacy. >> and how many could be left behind. it could be zero, maybe 3,000, as many as 15,000. obviously, he's going to push for more, rather than less? >> it seems that way. president karzai and the afghan government right now, look, they know what they need is an international presence to help the afghan troops to continue to build the afghan forces because they can't handle afghanistan right now themselves. they can't secure their own country. but there are people on president karzai's staff that have the illusion that america needs afghanistan more than afghanistan need
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 109 (some duplicates have been removed)